How do I Test Admob Ads?

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  • Hey there,

    I have Admob Ads added to my project and I have set the "Show banner ad at position Top center size Smart banner (auto)" to run on Start of Layout. I have also set the Test Mode to True in the properties panel. With all of these settings, should I not be able to see the test ads now in preview mode? I have ran the preview in Chrome, Firefox and Node-wedkit and I still cannot see the test ads.

    Am I doing something wrong here?

    Thank you,


  • Funnily enough I as just doing exactly the same thing. When I looked at the manual it says the AdMob plugin is just for mobile devices

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  • Upon further research I have also come to the same answer. It's a little weird that Test Ads will not work in an emulator.

    I am currently building an APK to see if the Test Ads will work on my phone.

  • Well I compiled my game with the IntelXDK, uploaded it to my phone and I still don't see my Test Ads.

    I am also getting this other error I have never seen before. "Exported games wont work properly until you upload them. When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons."

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