Terraria Style Game Help (Been stuck for a while)

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  • I have been trying to make a game were you have to survive 5 days in "space" or another planet. The basics of the game is you can explore and find more materials (upgrade weapons/walls for defence) then at nightime monsters come in and try to kill you. In the game I want to make a basic inventory system and a basic block placing system. My biggest game before this was a doungen crawler style game that had tons of glitches... This game I want to be in a terraria style.

    1. For breaking blocks and using blocks from your inventory how should I do this... I have never had any experience with arrays before

    2. I have been reading a ton on this forums and found others doing randomly generated world... I dont want to do this... I will do randomly generated loot, enemies, and events

    3. If anyone could link anybody else that has tried this with a .capx file so I can get an idea of where to start (I have tried creating this game twice and I always get stuck with the inventory and block placing)

    4. As I said before I have had NO EXPERIENCE with arrays (They kinda scare me tbh) if someone could link something about it (I read the manual and it did not go as in depth as I want it to... example : How to use it/ examples)

    In total I just want to learn to use arrays... that is my big learning curve. Once I learn how arrays work my game making would get a lot better.



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  • 1. 4. Searching the tutorials part for the keyword "Array"

    3. If you check the "Underground jam" category in the arcade, I remember there were some terraria/Minecraft like games. I'm not sure if those games provided capx but you could always asked specific technical questions to their authors.

    Otherwise the "Search" feature of the forums is pretty handy for this as well.

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