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  • Using the Template Auto-runner...

    I created a 'enemy' that runs with the simulate control 'LEFT'.

    Exactly the same 'Player' events...

    but 'Player' using the simulate control'RIGHT' and the enemy using 'LEFT'

    Why the enemy doesn't fall out the Blocks? he runs and stop in the end of the 'Block':\\\\</p>



  • Wow! That's a pretty nice auto runner! I see why, its a logical problem, you have both for the enemy and the player to simulate control while they are on the ground. I think you need to have this for the enemy "while falling" and also it could be very bad if there is a long jump for the player, because in the air he has no simulate move right...just add those 2 events and I think it should work.

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  • hi!

    continuing with the same problem...

    i don't know how to resolve

    I created the conditions:

    Enemy -> Platform is on floor -> Enemy -> Simulate Platform press LEFT


    Enemy -> Platform is falling

  • Relugy

    My bad! I found something, add System Every 0.01 seconds (or how you like) Enemy simulate control Left.

    However, after testing this I noticed sometimes the enemy spawns in the air, but now the enemies are definitely falling off of the blocks.

  • great!... but not 100% sometimes the same problem appears

    (the enemy stops in the left of the block)

    i don't know... the enemy has the Platform behavior soooo he would have

    the same characteristics of the Player!

    i guess its something related to the infinity background what do you think?

    some bug?

  • Relugy

    Yeah, sorry, its tricky but I don't believe the tiled infinite background has anything to do with it. I changed the deceleration of the Enemy to 0 and max speed up to 200, and the Max fall speed to 1000, now these guys will fall off 100% but it makes more weird things happen. I see the character being created inside the blocks and running against them if two buildings are close together...

    I think it would be good if you can have them spawn somewhere off screen at the highest height so they fall (all of screen) and only destroy them (for garbage collection) when they are like the Player- Y > LayoutHeight.

  • Hi, i have the same problem here. Did you find a solutions for this?

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