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  • hello guys: i'm making a game like the 1980s game Tempest / Gyruss and i have the players ship rotating around the screen. but i have the following 2 problems with firing the players bullets:

    1--how do i get the bullets to fire from whatever angel the player is at, and then travel toward the center of the screen? can you post an example capx?

    2--also, i'm trying to provide both touch and keyboard support...how do i get the key down function to fire bullets continuously (i.e, as long as the space bar is pressed to fire bullets at a set speed and stop firing bullets only when the space bar is released)?

    thank you for all your help

  • Were you able to finish the game? I'm just starting on it. I loved this game in the 80's

  • Justin1967,

    I made a low average version for a C2 game jam a while ago. You can muddle your way through it here if you wish!

  • Hey Colludium,

    Awesome! Great graphics.

    Can you explain how you made the cool attack waves?

  • By using a lot of variables with a lot of maths, blended with some trial and error. Scale was determined by distance from the centre and each wave had a hidden rotating object that acted as an angle reference.

  • colludium

    your game was really good, and the formation was a very good new innovation to the classic game. i loved it.

    justin 1967

    to answer your original question, i got half way with the game and put it aside for a while and went back to finish another game i'm working on...it should be done by the end of this month...its a remake of a 80s game, i hope you can play it and find it as fun as i have. i'll post more in a couple of weeks.

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  • Thanks hyem, I really appreciate it! I look back at it now and think that there are so many things I would do differently - I might make another version one day....

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