How do I tell a story in-game?

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  • Let's say I wanted to tell a story about a cat that fell in love with a mouse, what is a good way to do this without adding too many text objects or conditions and also how do I detect clicks on the text object?

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  • You got to read the manual properly to know how to detect clicks and other things.

  • Go to the pinned post above this called, "[How do I] Frequently Asked Questions" go to the RPG category on the list, there are 4 links in there you might want to check out named,

    • "Visual Novel/Dialogues example"
    • "A dialog system with answers"
    • "Even more dialog systems"
    • "Ingame dialog popup example"

    I'd post links, but my rep isn't high enough yet.

    However, Sisyphus is right, you should definitely read the manual. You'd be surprised at how many questions can be answered by a simple search through the manual.

    Also, bookmark the FAQ. Anything that isn't in the manual is in there and anything that isn't there is around the forums, just gotta look.

  • Wow, so much stuff in the FAQ. Maybe asking questions on the forums is a lot better than reading the tutorials.

    Thanks so much , for your help, buddies. Time to go and do my homework.

  • That's the spirit!

  • This FAG is really very helpful. I wonder why it is not posted directly to the tutorials section so that others can see it.

  • charles1311 - It is pinned at the top of the forum for all to see. Also, I think you might want to edit your post, it's FAQ, not FA....

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