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  • Hello Community!

    I ve a few question about Scirras signalling server! When I purchase the signalling server what will I get? An Account for an SSH - Server, wich is for an peer to peer connection or an application for my computer...?

    Is this Server 24 hours 7 days of the week online?

    When I want to create a Chat for my game, can I also use the offical Scirra signalling server..? Where are than the diffrents between the offical Scirra Server and my ?

    Thank you very much!

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  • You get a compiled script that you can run with node.js to host the server. If that doesn't make sense to you, you probably shouldn't buy it yet.

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  • So that means, when I want to run my "Chat" 24/7, I need additional an Windows Server that can run this script.

    I thought Scirra would host it on their high end Windows Server

    Okey, so far.. What is when I use the offical Scirra wss Server to create a Chat in my Game..? Is this possible? And when yes, which downsides do I have? Will I get the Chat from other games in my Chat? I think: When Game A from XY has got an Chat with the offical Scirra server! And now I am creating my Game to! with an Chat System and the offical Scirra server, will the Chat Contents cross than my Chat? So that means when a user from Game A ist writing something in his chat, will it also appear in my Chat...?

  • as far as I know, the signalling server just helps connect the peers together, everything beyond that is peer to peer and not handled by the signalling server, and what you can buy is something that you install on an actual physical server.

    which also should mean that it technically works the same way as if you used the scirra signalling server (unless there are issues on scirra's one).

    could be mistaken though.

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