How do I tell IAP which IAP to use?

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  • Ok, so finally got my app onto my Android device. I'm testing it prior to loading up to Amazon. I click on my button to purchase... and the Google IAP pops up.

    So, since there seems to be no way to set this information in C2, how are you supposed to tell your game/app which IAP to use? If it's downloaded from Amazon, I pretty much have to use Amazon (so they can take their cut). If it's downloaded from Play, I pretty much have to use Google wallet.

  • Like the manual states:

    Platform documentation

    Each operating system has a different way of configuring in-app purchases. Please refer to vendor documentation for further help. Links are provided below.

    iOS: configuring with iTunes Connect

    Android: Google Play In-App Billing

    Windows Store: MSDN documentation

    Blackberry 10: Blackberry payment service

    Amazon Appstore: Amazon documentation

    Please note vendor documentation may refer to code samples. You can ignore these since Construct 2's IAP plugin handles this for you. The main parts of the documentation you need to refer to are how to register seller accounts, how to add the items available for sale to the app, and testing and publishing. If a store has a test or developer mode at all, then the Test mode property of the IAP object will enable or disable that mode for the store.

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  • Right, I've read that... several times. And when I upload my app to Amazon for testing I get:

    Caution : Google In-App Billing Detected

    Your APK includes a manifest declaration or an API invocation referring to Google in-app billing services.

    Annndddd... When I push my app over to my Android device, it seems to default to Google Play. Is this going to happen when I upload to Amazon?

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