How do I teleport a sprite in a transition?

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  • Hello, this is the first time I've used Construct 2. I'm currently working on making a game wherein you climb a building (much like Donkey Kong) but was having trouble with teleporting my character sprite around. Just like with Donkey Kong, he's supposed to go to the top and then spawn back at the bottom in order to climb a completely new level. I initially tried using the "Set position" command but - while it did teleport him to my desired location - it fixed him there permanently. I've been looking everywhere for an answer but have never found one I didn't find overly-complicated; I'm sure such a simple function wouldn't require much coding so I thought I must be overthinking it.

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  • You can use a new layout for each level, or you can simply use a scroll to on an invisible camera sprite object to move it to a new position.

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