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  • Hello everyone. On the beginning I will mention that I am totally new user of construct 2. Nevertheless I have an ambition to create tcg game. Unfortunately I know very little about coding and my attempts with more complicated engines (especially Unity) were frustrating. Construct 2 seems lot easier to use without necessity of coding scripts. However, I am not sure if it is possible by using this engine to implement the features which I absolutely demands in game.

    I am still searching the forum for help and i get some great advice about implementing mechanic. Unfortunately I did not find answer for my all questions.

    Here I will try to describe problems which in my opinion are the greatest and which I cannot find on the forum:

    Firstly; I want to create a multiplayer game which includes a shop to buy new cards. So each player have their own set of cards from which he build a deck.

    Problem which I can see here is the form of the game. I can imagine it to be a client with inbuilt all mechanics with the possibility of multiplayer. (you can play single player, earn points, make a deck, eventually click mutliplayer and conect with other player.) Or it may be a browser game which holds all the game and accounts data on site.

    So am I right? Which one seems better/easier to do?

    Also I would like this topic to remain open. Whenever I have any problem which I cannot handle I am going to ask here. Ofcourse after indepth sreaching if such problem was not commented.

    Also please accept my apologies for language. I am not as good in English as I wish to be.

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  • Its doable, but it's not a starters project.

    You would want to start with multiplayer, as ai for single player is pretty complicated.

    There are a ton of mechanics to learn before you can even start setting up shop. You might find a few templates on the store.

  • I am aware that it wont be an easy thing to do. However, I do see this as a part of fun. It probably will take long time to learn necesarry things.

    However with a bit of smart organization it wont be so unfruitful as some people may think. For sure I will cut down project on small parts. So I wont be discourage too fast. Firstly set simple game mechanics. Dragable cards. Then make the interactive fields(hands, grounds for cards), and so on.

    I believe I will learn more this way, and have way more fun.

    Anyway wich one of the ideas do you think is better?

  • Start with multiplayer. You will have to understand its limitations first.

  • [quote:2oodljs9]So I got first problem which I cannot resolve. Basically I want to make an event which will compare two cards and destroy(send to graveyard).

    If I am not wrong the best way to do it is to implement variables into objects. However after doing so I cannot find a proper event to compare them and kick away lower one.

    Perfectly I would like to implement two variables Life and attack. So the life after atack would droped and stay at this lvl.

    Should i try and implement health system as others are doing in the platform/rpg projects? I tried to avoid it as it seems as different mechanic to me.

    I do not expect ready to go codes, but if you can guide me a bit it would be awsome.

  • I actually manage to do this alone about an hour after posting this. Actually tried to make simply platform game and by following tutorials and advices I found a way of doing so.

    However my design is limited to the objects which i specifically named in the event. So for every new object(card) i have to add new events. It is probably fault of my design so before I will ask for further guidance I will read this tutorial.

    Also I will include my way of doing this. Criticising is welcome. And now I realized that is template. Thank you but I am doing it partly to learn basics of the programing. It may be a good experience for me before starting with unity.

    About my project I basically add variables to the objects(hp/power of the card). Then added additional object(sword picture).

    On the click on the object A, sword is spawn on the mouse position. Then I can drag it and drop on the object B. On the drop the sword is disappearing. If it is dropped on object B the values are accordingly subtracted. If the variable hp is equal or lower then 0 object is change position to the graveyard.

    It is working however is limited to mentioned objects. I would like to expand it a bit, so I won't have to prescribe so many events for each situation.

    I am playing around with families feature now. I would like to make a "card" family. so Whenever object from this family is clicked it spawns this "sword". So far I can manage this. However I would like to make an event which on the drop of this sword would substract variables(always the same variables so power from hp) of clicked and droped on object from this family.

    That would save a lot of cooding, however I cant find a way of doing it. Is it possible? Any advices?

    ****I think I find out how to make it but I must test it. Firstly I have to create Family add variables. And then by families menu change variables of individual objects inside family.

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