Tatical Game, hot to make?

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  • Hi there people!

    I�m willing to develope a tatical game, my first doubt is about the grid.

    I want to make a 32x32 invisible grids that the pcs will be moving along, like a tipical tatical game.

    As you select the pc it�ll higlight the possible moves it can do. Any ideas how to make it?

  • There is an array object/plugin in C2, but it's hard to use for beginners.

    And, although it IS a typo, tactical games are hot to make. Learn to use C2 on something simpler, like a platformer or a Zelda-ish type of game. Then, learn to use arrays, experiment with them on your Zelda/platformer game, then proceed to making a platformer game.

    P.S. I would very like if non-English people would say what their native language is, never know who knows what language in the community :)

  • -look at the pathfinder examples with Construct for movement on grid.

    -make the camera a sprite and make it round to 32x32.

    hope this helps

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  • what do you mean with

    -make the camera a sprite and make it round to 32x32.


  • there has been a couple threads about grids, user "aldo tanaka" or something similar posted a capx

  • Thank you fassFlash, i�ll do that.

    Oh by the way, my native language is portuguese :P

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