How do I make a tank tread level with ground

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  • So I have my little wall-e robot here "" and I want his treads to be level with the ground. I'm currently trying out the revolute joint but it seam to just spaz the treads out.

    Player(Wall-e) is controlled with Platformer and has a Physics applied to him

    Treads has Physics applied to it and has Disabled Collisions with Wall-e

    StartPoint is a Solid and has Physics on it.

    All I need is the treads to be able to level with the ground to make the illusion of the treads being the cause of movement. So if I were going forward on flat ground the treads would be level. If I were going upward on a slope the treads would be angled to the slope.

    EG v .................. |_| = Wall-e.........o O = Treads........_____ = ground


    ________o O_____

    ____\ ....................... Probably not that extreme of a climb but hopefully it gets across what I mean

    _____o |_|




  • it is rarely a good idea to mix the physics behaviour with others.

    If you don't have a better answer before I get home I will try to come up with something for you...

  • ok - now i'm late !

    quick test - needs (a lot of) work

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  • OMG sorry for the VERY late reply, Kind lost internet access for a while after that day then forgot this even existed till I found the file again today.

    I just had a look at your .capx, Although it is quicker and easier to apply to something small, It does has the problem of not being smooth, which is really what I'm looking for.

    I "was" planning to figure a possible suspension, and many surfaces for wall-e to go on. I "was" going to make this more of an extended adventure game so having the treads be more applicable to different and probably more complicated terrain would make the focus on the world easier. I might actually play around with a null player object and have the wall-e physics constantly apply a force towards it. I'll touch back, this time within a day or two, sorry for the month no reply, I appreciate you helping me though

  • Nvm, your idea is way easier for the program. Thanks for helping me

  • I had also forgotten about this post Glad it helped.

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