Tablet cant run cocoonjs

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  • Greetings there..

    I have now for hours been trying to test my game on my samsung tablet with the cocoonjs, but it simply doesnt work. All i get is a black screen saying zip cant be found/executed.

    This is exactly what im doing.

    -Construct, export project -> cocoonjs.

    -The zip i insert into the tablet. It contains everything in the zip.

    On my iphone it is so easy.. You just go to apps, target cocoonjs and paste. But nooo on android it has to be so damn hard for some reason.

    I have even pasted the zip in EVERY foldier on the tablet, (just because outside the foldiers didnt work) and still nothing. Its full with the zip! Every foldier, inside/outside, it still cant find the damn zip!! Frustrating! Any1 knows why?

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  • Okay i got it to work now.. Created my own cocoojs map in the tablet.. O.o

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