Does System Wait 1.0 seconds really work

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  • I have something like

    Every tick & System(if varx > vary) -> Action -> System wait 1.0 secs

                                     -> add 1 to a variable

    What I expect is that every time var x > var y the system will wait 1 sec then add 1 to that variable

    but its like it jumps that adds 1 and then again after 1.0 wait it adds again.


  • krish

    What about using Every X Seconds and set every 1 seconds ?

  • 'Wait' does *not* pause the rest of the events. Most people get caught out by this. In your case if the event is true every tick, it will schedule a new 'Wait' every tick, so after 1 second it adds to the variable every tick (~60 times a second).

    You probably want to use the 'Every X seconds' condition instead.

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  • well basically what I want to do is

    Change opacity of a layer from 0->100 (in increments of 1 every tick)

    wait 3 secs

    Then change it back from 100 ->0 (in decrements of 1 every tick)

    and keep doing so

    The other way I can think of is to have a variable like OpacityWaitTime.. set it to 3 every time opacity of level touches 0 or 100, substract 1 from variable every second.. and as it touches 0, trigger off the increment/decrements again.


    Any other cool/shorter suggestions :)

  • If you add dt to a value every second, it will increase by 1 every second.

    If you don't know how dt works, read the tutorial on 'delta time and framerate independence'.

    You'll need a boolean to decide when to decrease/increase.

    So your code will look something like this:

    boolean variable called 'increase'

    if increase = true:

    add dt to opacity

    if increase = false:

    subtract dt from opacity

    if opacity > or = 100, trigger once

    set increase to false

    if opacity < or = 0, trigger once

    set increase to true

  • sqiddster

    I fail to see where it waits 3 seconds though :(

    Probably too blind at the moment sorry :)

    I got the opacity changing every second already.. the problem was to make it wait 3 sec at end of reaching 0 or 100 and then go the other way.

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