Do "system for every x second" work out of layout?

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  • Hello

    I have a system of enemie spaw based on system wait random(x,y) seconds. But when testing, sometimes a enemie spaws in a time that are not espected. I noticed that when press f5 after die, to restart, it dont happens. But when I go to the restart layout and come back by there this happens.

    I think that the system wait (thats only in the sheet for that specifc layout) is running even when in another layouts. (for example: item B will respaw only in system wait 20 seconds of that layout, but i die, spend 10 seconds to restart, and the item appears with 10 seconds. can be that?

    Please, if you could happens, will be nice!

    EDIT: Like dop2000 noticed I was using "system for every x second" instead of "system wait". Sorry by the wrong direction I gave Tomycase


  • "Every X seconds" count doesn't reset with the start of the layout. So if you've switched from another layout, "Every 10 seconds" event may trigger sooner than in 10 seconds, or even immediately.

    That's why it's recommended to use Timer behavior for tasks like enemies spawning.

    Edit: sorry, for some reason I thought the question was about "Every x seconds". Wait action should not have this issue.

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  • I think they meant that they use the Wait action, with a random number value, but anyway I also recommend Timer for events like this, user has a lot more control on it than the Wait action

  • Very thanks for you to coming!dop2000Tomycase

    knowing that this should not affect I will look for a reason for these unexpected spaws to be receding.

    About the control, by itself is not being a problem for my case, so if there is no related problem it is worth by now.

    It was good seeing you!

  • dop2000Oh, reading again your post I see, I realy used for each this should be the problem. Thanks very much, knowing that I will work on a solution.

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