How do I syncronize particles and animations in multiplayer?

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  • So, i'm messing around with the chat example included in C2 and tried adding message effects, i made it so that when someone says "congratulations" a confetti particle goes off and a sprite changes from frame 1 to 2, it just basically sets the particle from not spraying to spraying and set the frame of the sprite from 1 to 2, it worked but only on the screen of the person who says congratulations, lets say theres 2 people in the chat room, person 1 says congratulations and sees all the effects while person 2 sees nothing, im really bad at multiplayer coding, i tried using the sync action but that didn't work, is there anyway for me to fix it so that everyone on the chat room sees the effect when someone activates it? thanks in advance

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  • this sort of thing should be handled locally for each player, there is no need to waste bandwidth to synchronize confetti when each player can see the word congratulations anyways so they each can make their own local confetti

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