How do I synchronise sprite animations?

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  • I have several different animations of my character running, but the leg motion is the same.

    How do I synchronise the animations so that when for example the 2nd frame of the running animation is playing and I shoot, the 2nd frame of the shooting while running animation is playing instead of the normal running animation?

    My character running animations (for both the normal running and shooting while running) are the same from the middle to the bottom.

    How do I synchronise the animations so that the if I press shoot, the shooting while running animation starts from the same frame that the normal running animation had when I shot? E.g. R1, R2, R3, R1, R2, shoot S2, S3, S1.

    Both animations have the same number of frames, any ideas? I hope you get it the way I described it.

    Thanks for any suggestions or photos with set up events!

  • Doesn't it work when you set sprite animation from current frame instead of from beginning?

  • Oddly enough, no. Any idea why?

  • Do both animations have to be current frame?

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  • My problem is, even if I set the animations to current frame or beginning. If I tap the up button really fast, which switches the animations from the player pointing the gun up, and on release it switches back to the normal running animation, the animation kind of freezes. Because you're tapping the button so fast, switch the animations, the animation doesn't get a chance to switch frames so it's stuck in the one frame.

    Any idea how to fix that?

  • Sounds like you have your events setup wrongly, maybe even conflicting..

    You could add a timer behaviour that starts on the gun up animation start and have a minimum time for the animation to run..

  • I set it up like this:

    Player is moving

    X Up Button is down | Set Animation "RunningRightGunOut" from current frame

    Up Button is down | Set Animation "RunningRightGunUp" from current frame

    The animation switches fine and is okay if I hold Up, the running looks fairly seemless. But if I instead tap Up aggressively, the animations switch so fast that they don't get a chance to move onto the next frame and look froze.

    I need some way to fix this.

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