How do I Sync an object (sprite created)

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  • hey everyone,

    i continu to work hard and testing Contruct Multiplayer new features, now, i have some specific question about the Sync in 2 specific case

    1 creation of object :

    in my game, i can spawn as host or as peer "monsters" often those monsters are composed of (1) BOX with platformer behavior and a (1) Sprite for all the animation (both are in the same container, and all monsters are in the monsters family),

    so actually when i spawn a monster , i can't see as Peer the monster Sprite in the LEVEL once created ,

    but i can bounce on the top of his head so i guess the monster is here but it like invisible for the sprite, so i guess i need to sync on creation the monsters family ? anyhelp on this topic will be amazing

    2 in my scene i already have some sprite who are not sync on start of layout, so i know i need to sync them , but when i use the sync function for a reason a ignore, each sprite appear twice, and one of the two sprite are sync, so maybe i need to add them and/or sync them only in the commun part , maybe also , there is some bugs (but i don't think so)

    Ashley and troublesum any opinion on those question ?

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  • As the tutorials say, don't sync anything you don't need to - it sounds like you should be able to just sync the box sprite and on the peer just place the visible object on top of it.

  • Thanks Ashley, one more question, synch the box sprite and on the peer just place the visible object on top of it, but in which section i'm supose to do this, i will found i guess before sleep , but i'm eagger to understand , if monsters sync or any other game element who can be destroy by player should be specified in the common group or if it's in the signalling group

  • no news ?

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