How do I sync up on host and peer mouse pointers w/name

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  • Okay so I've been looking over multiplayer examples and trying my best to understand and work through them slowly. I started with chat setup and got that working but then i decided I'd like to have each user have a pointer object where their mouse is with a name attached. This is where my problem developed. I was able at first to get the pointer dot I made to follow both from host and peer and was relayed to both though a bit of lag from the actual pointer, but the name I wanted to attach to the pointer didn't show up. .i was able to get it to show up eventually but then it wasn't displayed on both host and peer. I looked over the ghost shooter mp demo which seemed easy enough in common group but when I did it .. it wasn't relayed correctly between host and peer. After trying different things and refreshing over and over now I can see the host and peer with name on the host screen but the host doesn't show up on the peer screen at all . dot or name . I've really messed it up somehow and am lost lol. I know I have some stuff in there that isn't needed at the time but I didnt' think it'd affect it . I was getting ready to try and add in clicking on boxes to change animation frame and then move on to adding in key input controlled objects also. anyhow if I could get some hints on what I'm doing wrong to achieve a pointer on both host and peer with name alias it would be a big help to me. I'm ripping my hair out trying so many different adjustments >_< ... %2002.capx

    also any tip for mouse overlap clicking in mp to change the animation frame would be a big help too . i took it out but I had an extra bit of code but it only showed up on the host and nothing worked on peer . . . I guess I'm just not understanding it enough :/ thx for any tips/hints

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