How do I Sync an element in an Online Multiplayer

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  • Dear Constructors,

    I made a simple game where you can enter one word in the TextBox and by hitting Enter/Return the word floats up and starts interacting in a "digital ether" with other ones via the physics behavior.

    I want to make it an online multiplayer where people can join via their mobile phones and in the Mobile layout enter a word that would appear on Layout1 that is viewed on a computer. I'm guessing that this should be really simple to make as the only thing that should be synced is the word typed on any phone connected to the internet to appear on Layout1.

    I've tried many things but can't seem to wrap my head around the multiplayer object. Could you guys please help me, give me a heads start or an example that would make it clear to me how to achieve this?

    Here is the link to the .capx file. It is still just a skeleton, no design done.

    Thank you!

  • Kyatric , any proposal on how to achieve this? Thank you!

  • Your link to your file did not work in your first post.

    Otherwise, using the multiplayer plugin is explained through the four tutorials linked from the manual article and each one has a commented capx example delivered with Construct itself ("Browse example" in the startup page).

  • I read the manual and looked at a few tutorials but can't seem to get it working.

    Another question is, is the login necessary for multiplayer?

    I hope the link works this time.

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  • I've tried to modify the example chat room so when you send a message, a Text Object is made on a random position displaying the text, but I can't seem to sync the position and text content at all. What am I doing wrong?

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