How do I Sync audio with gameplay

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  • I've been working on a project for a couple of days

    similar to a stepmania, however I have seen no options at the time

    of the important thing (that the arrows appear to the rhythm of the music)

    which has led me to ask for help to know two things.

    1. Is it possible to do this type of games in construct2?

    2. If so, how do I do that mechanics?

    And if by chance someone is given some other solution I am open to suggestions.

    Thank you very much.

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  • A few ways come to mind:

    One is to use the audio plugin's level monitoring effect, or whatever it's called. There is an example capx that comes with C2 that shows how to use it. It's good for visualizing the music, but may not be suitable to read the beat like you want.

    A second way is to manually list all the times of a beat in the song, or something like that. You may be able to use some audio software to help with that or maybe you could make a tool in C2 to assist and make things easier. I'd imagine this is mostly what things like ddr does.

    You could also use a music format like midi that has the sheet music of the song that you could pull the timings from. There may be some audio processing magic that could assist with things but that's not quite simple.

    You may get some other ideas/solutions by searching the forum for previous discussions about this kind of thing. I know it's been discussed a few times before.

  • Thank you very much friend.

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