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  • Hi!

    I am a beginner in Construct and I would like to make a game like Europa

    Universalis,BUT it would be a VERY SIMPLE game and have just a few basic functions.So here is what I have in mind.

    I would like to use a worlds map in the game,and each country should have a figure standing on it(for example a swordsman),which represents the army of that country.All countries could be zoomed out a lot,so

    I would not need to zoom a map and swordsmen a lot.

    I would add the button in the game(for example "Fight" button).

    I would set that a country A attacks country B.

    After I click the button,the swordsman from country A would go towards the country B on the map and attack the swordsman of country B.They would fight and the second swordsman would die and his country would change the color into the color of the attacker and become a part of his country.

    I would like to be able to:

    • set the route which the first swordsman would use on his way,
    • set the way how they would fight
    • set the outcome of the battle(which swordsman would win or die)

    I would also like to see a certain text on the screen after I click the

    button(like "Country A attacks Country B) and another text after the battle.(Like "Country A is a winner of the battle").

    Can anybody please tell me if this is possible to achieve in Construct???

    If is NOT,then could anybody recommend an engine in which it might be done?


  • Of course its possible Eddie...

    What you described is very simple to implement in Construct 2..

    As long as you are prepared to do the work...anything is...It sounds like you have a good game mechanic going there...that si all you need to start..I would suggest that you work it out on paper first ...draw lots of pictures and plan it all out...

    you will probably change it all anyway once you get moving..

    Once you have a decent more or less full idea...Create some rough graphics and then try to get them into the editor..Make sure you are familiar with Construct 2 and the MANUAL and get cracking! sounds like a fun game..you just need to sort out what you want it to look like and how you want it to actually play..anything is possible in Construct 2 its up to how much effort you put in....I would stick with Construct 2 if it was me...IMHO this is the best platform for any kind of web sprite based game...so easy to use and a great community...

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  • Thank you for advices mystazsea!

    Since there a lot of different tutorials and manuals and lot to learn,could you give me a rough idea of actual steps I would have to take in Construct in order to do this?For example the biggest obstacle is an idea to click on the button which causes the swordsman 1 to go to the swordsman 2 and attack him.I watched a lot of tutorials etc but I am a bit lost in all that.People describe a lot of different things in tutorials but I do not know how to use that for my idea.

    For now I managed to do a very simple thing.I added the background image which represents the map of Europe and a swordsman which can move and jump on the map but it does not interact with the map.(the swordsman does not actually walk,it just moves,there is no animation of walking).

                                                     Many Thanks,Eddie

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