Sword Fighting style game?

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  • Im looking for some answers, been lurking around the forums but cant seem to find any.

    1. How do i make a sword fighting game? i mean how do i make the kind of style so when u hit someone with your sword (play sword attack animation" to actually dmg the enemy? Do i use a bullet or something?

    2. in old construct i think i remember that there was an easy option to make hand/arm follow your mouse, how do i make this possible in construct 2?

    Thanks , / Ice

  • 1) Animate your player attacking with the sword. Duplicate the object. For your player, erase the sword & for your sword, erase the player. Set the sword to 0,0 of the player.

    2) Set arm angle to Angle(x1,y1,x2,y2) 1 being the arm 2 being the mouse.

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  • Ty for that answer, explains most of my issue. Anyways, and for the fighting style? any answers?

  • For my own game I used an invisible box with the Platform behavior and another object pinned to it containing all my animations. if an enemy is overlapping my animation object and the attack animation is playing they receive damage while for damage dealt to the player I check if an enemy is overlapping my invisible box.

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