switching between two tilemaps in editor

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  • Hi,

    i dont know if this is a bug or just me not knowing how to use the program

    anyway, when im using two tilemaps in one layout, each on a different layer, how can i change the tilemap that i want to draw on in the editor?

    it seems to me i should click the tilemap that i want to work with in the objects tab and then change to the tilemap tab, but that doesnt work most of the times (but sometime it does, so im confused)

    i made an example capx with only two tilemaps in it and its still like descriped


    Edit: Ok, i now get it, i have to click on the real map object on the screen to get the wright tilemap in the tilemap tab;)

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  • It can be a bit tedious in my opinion, but you could lock the other layer you are not working on and maybe hide it.

  • thank you! yeah, tedious is the wright word

    Ashley, could you maybe change that in next version? so you get the wright tilemap in tilemap tab when clicked on the chosen tilemap in the objects tab ?

  • Ashley described (I don't remember where) a good method for this :

    • name your different Tilemaps depending on their utility (Collision, Terrain, Buildings, ...)
    • select the right one from the Z-order bar

    I tried it multiple times and it's a lot easier.

  • thanks! i will try that!

  • Oh yeh sorry I forgot that whole Z-order bar. Never used it before that works better.

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