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  • So, I've created a menu layout and set that to the starting layout. I added a mouse item and touch item to the project (to cover both mobile or desktop player) . And I created a new game layout called 'LVL1'.

    In the Event Sheet, I created a set of events that allow the player to click or touch on the 'play' button and then go to the LVL1 layout; however, in the preview nothing happens when the 'play' button connected to the event is clicked (or touched).

    I've added a 'menu' button to the LVL1 layout and tested that out... it returns the player to the Menu layout as expected, but that pesky 'play' sprite simply isn't getting me from the Menu layout to the LVL1 layout.

    Any ideas on what I should check?

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  • Is that arrow in the circle a sprite?

    If so are collisions for that sprite turned on?

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