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  • hello,

    I am kinda new to this program and I would can't figure out ''how to enter a house''. i made an event as the following:

    "Player" on collision with "door" --> "system" go to layout 2

    this all worked fine, but when i try to leave the house i just bump in the door and nothing happens. my event for switching from layout 2 to 1 looks like this:

    "Player" on collision with "door" --> "system" go to layout 1

    does anyone know what is going wrong or do i need a different approach to these kind of things?

    thanks in advance,


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  • If you're using one event sheet what's happening is that as you're coliding with a 'door' you are being sent to layout 2 again.

    You can fix this by using a different event sheet, or put in an invisable invisable block each time you want to go to a different place.

    i.e. Outside2House block and House2Outside block

  • dear emoaeden,

    i already tried using a second event sheet, i am also using an a different sprite to teleport to layout 1 from 2. but it still does not seem to do its job. it just touches the block and nothing happens. i am not even transported back to the starting position of layout 2.

    thanks in advance,


  • Can you upload a .capx and I'll take a look at it for you :-)

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