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  • Hey Everyone,

    I am currently using GameSalad and am thinking of switching to Construct 2 after I get this GameSalad game finished.

    I am having a bunch of random problems with GameSalad and I was wondering if its the same for Construct 2 or if GameSalad is just garbage.

    So I am almost done with my game but it keeps crashing when I test by Ad Hoc on my iPad 1st gen. I think its because of a RAM issue. For some reason the game is taking up 60mb of ram. The images are taking up 25mb when the game isnt even 25mb. Then there is a catagory called Other which I have no idea what that includes and it takes up another 25mb.

    Before I switch to Construct, does it have any problems like this? Do people experience crashing while testing on 1st gen devices or random stupid bugs while making their game? It seems like this SDK is great but I would like to know all of the current problems or cons before I jump into another SDK.


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  • We have separate beta updates and stable updates. The stable updates are generally very reliable. You get new features sooner with the betas, but they can be problematic (for example the last beta accidentally broke the Platform behavior, but it will be fixed before the next stable release).

    Some people struggle with memory usage on mobile devices with Construct 2, but usually from lack of awareness to how images are stored in memory. Your game might be a 5mb download since all the images are compressed as PNG or JPEG, but they are extracted to uncompressed (basically BMP) in memory for rendering, which can easily make it 5-10x bigger in memory than the download size. Because lots of people ran in to this we recently added a memory usage tracker in the Construct 2 status bar. It's just an estimate, but will give you a useful approximate figure (e.g. 5mb download size, 40mb memory use).

  • come to Construct, I used GS (and Torque, and others) and honestly never could get stuff working using them. Any questions just ask :)

  • Okay thanks guys, I will definitely switch to this once this game is done. I just dont want to start this game all over since its like 95% done.

    I have some quick questions, so I can think of some game designs for this SDK. I just want to know how crazy I can get with this SDK.

    What are Construct 2s limitations?

    Like would I be able to create games that use in game clocks and create a Farmville type game, without the user cheating and setting the clocks forward or back?

    Could I create games that use a server to have multiplayer type games using this?

  • I guess Construct 2 limitations are you can't skew sprites and 3D objects.

    You can make multiplayer using Socket.io plugin, but it's not great until we have to wait for WebRTC

  • Thanks,

    I am mostly going to be making iOS and Android games with this.

    How would I put in app purchases in the game?

    Also, I wanted to know if it is possible to put a daily comeback feature in the game using Construct 2. Like a feature where the player has to come back every day to do something. I was assuming there would be some type of device clock attribute or something and players may be able to just set the time back and cheat.

  • I'm seeing more and more interest for C2 for it's mobile potential just in the last few months that I purchased a license.

    Unfortunately C2 is just around the corner for excellent IOS support. It's just a matter of CocoonJS and the C2 plugin to be fully up and running. Then IOS should be a snap.

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