How do I Switch a button's location and value on the fly

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  • Hey all!

    I've been working on a simple game, in which players have to pick a right answer for a math problem, based on three buttons.

    The issue is however, I cant seem to make the right answer switch between buttons. I've tried to set it up on a check system where whatever button's "answer" variable is set to 1, it is correct, whilst checking the others to make sure they're not also set to correct.

    Whichever button is correct then assumes the text that is the answer, however I can't figure out how to actually make this work.

    I have it set so when a button is the correct choice, it should change the text of the button to be the answer to the problem, however, they just go blank the second they are told to change text, and I am very confused.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • You may need to post your capX to properly troubleshoot this.

    Have you checked that the text box is wide enough to display your answers in the layout screen?

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