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  • hey guys, I've been looking over a bunch of the other touch/jump questions but I can't quite puzzle out how to pull off this swipe-up-to-jump mechanic I've been working on. It works SOMETIMES, which is almost more frustrating than not working at all.

    Right now I am using a thin button on the Left and Right edges as directional movement buttons and I am using a large button that takes up the rest of the screen as the "jump" button.

    I have a variable to store the "start Y" position when the jump button is first touched, and a timer that counts down while the swipe is in progress (to make sure the swipe quick & vertical). Finally, I have a "end Y" position variable that ought store the Y position of the touch End, when the "jump" button is finally released.

    The problem I've been having is picking end of the "jump" button Touch. I can't get "On Nth touch End" to work, since touching the movement buttons screws with the touch Index, and I am having weird glitchy results with "on any touch end".

    I know this is really long and probably confusing, but here's a screengrab and the CAPX. Any help, hints, clues, or sympathy is very much appreciated.

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/26730853/squarehard_jumphelp.png" border="0">


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  • Well, here's a clearer approach I just puzzled out....this works SOMETIMES. It's infuriating. Also, it seems to really not work when there is actually something to jump over/across, but maybe I am paranoid.

    A New CAPX



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