Swipe effect with touch object ?

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  • Howdy--

    i am going through the tutorials now and trying to find what i need, but thought i would ask here as well-- does anybody know of a tutorial that shows how to or know the best way to mimic the "Swipe" effect of going to the next page of a project or the previous page of a project with a user swipe and getting that transition effect of that swiped page sliding off the screen in the direction of swipe that you see on Android OS and iPhone OS applications ?? I have the touch object in my project now as an "or" block to back up a mouse click-- but, need this swipe effect.

    Would be grateful for any reply or help at all &&

    kind regards, mark-p.

  • Hey-- i got it to work for me. I was trying to do some real complicated stuff-- then i quit and made a blank png image the size of the default window and loaded it as a sprite on the topmost layer. I made it drag and drop on the horizonal axis only. Then i put 2 png images off screen-- "BTN_Forward" && "BTN_Back" and put a "on collision" event for each that went to the next or previous page without the one i didn't need on the first and last page-- and, it works fine !!! thanks.

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  • Awesome!i need that tho!:))

    Is there capx for it?sample?demo?


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