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  • Hi,

    I'm searching for a lot of time how to control a character with a swipe touch.

    Not only in 8 direction, but exactly as I swipe, or split the screen into two sides, horizontal and vertical.

    Is there a tutorial for this, I prefer video.



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  • If it's sufficient for you to move your character as soon as the swipe ends (the user lifts his finger), you use this solution:

    • add the "Touch" object (obviously)
    • add two global variables "InitialX", "InitialY","CurrentX", "CurrentY" and "TouchAngle", all numbers
    • add an event "On touch start" with the following actions in it:

    --> Set InitialX to Touch.AbsoluteX (or .X, if that suits your project better)

    --> Set InitialY to Touch.AbsoluteY (or .Y)

    • add a condition "Is touching" with the following actions in it:

    --> Set CurrentX to Touch.AbsoluteX (or .X)

    --> Set CurrentY to Touch.AbsoluteY (or .Y)

    • add an event "On touch end" with the following actions in it:

    --> Set TouchAngle to "angle(InitialX,InitialY,CurrentX,CurrentY)"

    Now the swipe direction is stored in the TouchAngle variable.

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