How do I swap two chess and match with rexrainbow plugin

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  • Hi,

    this is my first post so please dont kill me. I didnt find anything on this topicin the forum and I hope this is the right place to post this.

    I tried a lot but I just can not do it myself.

    I am trying to build a match three game. I use the rainbowrex plugin in specially chess and board plugin.

    I followed the tutorial for the match three game using these plugins on this site. I made some changes still, since I wanted to adjust it to my own project and do something little unique.

    I have a board coming up. Three matched chess are detectet and then deleted. I have chess then falling down and I have new chess coming from one side of the board to replace them.

    But I just can not figure out how to swap to chess by clicking (in candy crush fashion) and then when matched be destroyed and when not just go back.

    Could anyone help me on how to set this up?

    I would be super thankful.

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  • if any one stumbles over the same problem i got it now a little sort out, make two number variables. on touch save the chess_uid in them and then make them gridmove swap, if they are neighbours.

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