How do I swap from top down to platforner and back

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  • So the main part of my game is top down original Zelda type game, I want to be able to have an even say you find a cave and have the whole game swap to a side scroll platformer like Mario.. After you finish the level you return to the top down Zelda mode.

    With old languages and coding I would silly wipe the screen and load a new for side scrolling then wipe that and reload the top down.

    Is this possible? Haven't gotten to the point I need to imolement it yet but do need to know if I can

  • And sorry for the slightly weird wording... Damn cell phones can't stop auto correcting things that don't need correcting

  • I would just use a new layout for this. Unless you wanted the screen to actually move from a top down perspective to a new perspective.

  • I'm so glad you suggested that as I hadn't considered layers as a way to swap... That may sound stupid considering I'm using layers for the top down part but I still think from a coding standpoint. Just got construct2 for Christmas.

    Mmmm I'm gonna have lots of layers lol if I use them for each cave on a map.

  • Not sure on screen perspective.. To me the only thing that determines that is how the graphic is drawn either top down or side view

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  • How would you separate the layers for both modes and swap between them? Currently all layers are top down... If I add another layer it will be part of the top down game when I hit play... So your saying I can separate say 10 layers of side scrolling and then load those when needed... Then go back to the top down layers afterward.

  • Oh wait a whole new layout.. OK OK.. So I can swap from one layout to the next while retaining the character info for the previous layout. If your top down player enters a top down cave, it must swap to the side scrolling cave adventure, when you exit the old layout needs to be restored with your character standing next to the mine

  • If I can get a handle on how this works I can do the fine details later as I get to the point where I've added the caves to the top down layout

  • To me right now a layout is a game itself... I had no idea I could load a different layout and xfer data between the two layouts as if they both we're a single game.

  • Anyone?

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