Make sure touch buttons react the same way?

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  • Basicly i have trouble testing my game on some touchscreen phones, because sometimes only using "on clicked" it doesnt react at all.

    Made a small program to simulate the problem.

    Button 1 works the best overall, Button 2 and 3 has the animation react while previewed in browser on the computer but doesnt activate the actions.

    On my android phones browser, button 1 reacts but not the others. Also all buttons animations gets locked in the pushed frame, and doesnt "un-push" until i press another button. Even tho they react, no actions activate.

    Its not really a problem, if it wasnt for the fact that sometimes on various phones and such (I think all iPhones / iPads for example are covered) not even button 1 reacts. Im not really sure if there is something im missing, but i feel a bit stupid being stumped by this.

    Any help given will be appreciated with hugs!~

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