How can I make sure that I can spawn a number of enemies?

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  • Hey,

    How can I make sure that I can spawn a number of enemies every few seconds and that there are a maximum number of enemies, for example every 3 seconds an enemy spawns and 20 enemies is the maximal, so if I kill some enemies it has no influence on the max number of spawns. After 20 spawned enemies, they wont spawn anymore.

    sorry for bad English i hope you will understand it

    thank you in advance

  • You can use a global variable counter as a condition i.e. spawn enemy while global var less than 20 and add 1 to global var every time one spawns. You could also use the count of the enemy objects, i.e. if enemy.count < 20 then spawn, this counts the number of enemies that exist, but this would only be used if you had a max of 20 at any one time and destroying them affected the count, I don't think that applies here but it's useful to know.

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  • Thank You plinkie, It works

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