How do I make sure that music always plays?

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  • Hi, the game music seems unreliable or perhaps I have some mistake? I have both the .m4a and .ogg files for all audio since I imported .wav and C2 created the other 2 files. Music is added in the Music folder while Sounds that always work are added in the Sounds folder.

    For example I just published my latest game ( and when I first opened it in Chrome or Firefox then everything worked fine. But after several times (visiting later / reopening the page) of opening the page the music stopped working in Chrome and the character is running without music.

    I then tested it in Edge and there was no music at all.

    My music control is (for each layout):

    > On start of layout

    >> GlobalSoundOn = 1 (it's always 1, i have no event to make it zero)

    then 1) Audio Stop All and

    and 2) Audio Play MUSIC looping

    Anyone can help me to fix it so that music always works?

    Thanks in advance

  • move music in sound folder and set preload sound to YES

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  • move music in sound folder and set preload sound to YES

    Hi, i read a bunch of times not to do that, but since I don't find a clear solution I will do that - thank you.

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