how do i make sure last of every frame my actions happen

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  • hi

    some group:

    mouse left botton is down :

    • object1 set position to mouse x,y


    so many groups and events and actions


    another group:

    foreach object2:

    • set position to object 1
    • set angle to object 2


    but object2 is late ... when i move the mouse a little faster ... or when object1 rotate a little fast

    but when i set position and angle of object2 just after the object1 in the same event (mouse left button is down) then it is ok and have no late !

    if i set that in the same event i will be confused later ... so is there another way ? (in unity we have lateupdate function for that ... so that function make sure in the last of every frame things happen)

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  • Are both sets of groups on the same event sheet?

    Are you using functions or just calling the groups of events "functions"?

    All events on all sheets run 60 passes a second immediately, any [waits] encountered will cause Construct2 to pass by rest of the actions in that event till the next pass.

    Usually when things are not in sync its because of this. Make sure you have them ordered in the sheet or action list so something isn't being skipped due to a wait action.

    Also if you are using functions make sure the functions are on all event sheets or they won't work, and if the grouped events are on different event sheets make sure they are both "included" by right clicking and including all that need each other.

    You have provided very little to analyze, maybe add a screenshot or .capx file next time.

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