Is this supposed to happen? (Collisions)

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  • Hello, I've been taking a long break from C2 for a few months, but now that I'm back I've encountered this problem and I'm not sure if this behavior was always like this. ... doubt.capx

    I'm using a snap to grid to 32x32 so the positioning should be perfect, there is also 1 event that states if red sprite is overlapping with yellow sprite -> red sprite set Y to self.Y-32

    However in both scenarios the system thinks that both sprites are overlapping and the event runs, pushing the red sprite to the top.

    If I manually move the red sprite 1 pixel down there is a visible gap of 1 pixel between both sprites so I know the positioning is good and they shouldn't overlap, unless that has been changed in recent months.

    I remember this wasn't like this but now I'm not so sure anymore.

  • That is normal, however think the way it works is only logic to C2 and not for the users as we wouldn't assume there was an overlap in such case.

  • It was always like that. Adjacent sprites count as overlapping. You can either alter the collision polygon to be a little smaller or change the red's size to be smaller before checking for an overlap and then changing the size back so there is no visible gap.

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  • Ok thanks, I was starting to go nuts.

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