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  • Hello, guys, I know there are several threads about resolutions for Android, but I would leave a link in dropbox, so that you could evaluate and tell me how to make this sample app, turn on all devices androids, uncut it resizes the game. Please help me, I've read several tutorials and still have questions ... Explain easily, preferably a valid solution and has utlizada! Thank you!

  • MMmmm Not quite sure what you mean...Your Question is unclear...

    You want to make the Android Resize the game for its current Native screen Rezolution?

    mmm..its been covered in the forums...but perhaps a better way is to get better informed as to WHAT resolutions are MOST common...and work for that

    You could do some research

    Android devices support several Screen rez's and Densities..

    Some of the Most commonly populated sizes is listed here...

    or try the specific manufacturers website info..

    It will give you a rough place to start..

    You could look here



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  • Hello, mystazsea, thanks for the reply, but I would Capx an example of how to make this work, an example that I can use for my app, work in all resolutions without problems. Ashley I've read this tutorial many times and did not understand how to do, you can send via drop box a working example? A Capx so I have visual concept of how to implement? Please, I'm stuck on this question the day! ;/

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