How do I support multiple mobile resolutions? (mostly iOS)

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  • Hello there,

    I was wondering, if I wanted to support the different mobile device resolutions (iOS), how would I go about doing that? If I were to make a game and wanted to make sure that there was a way to support most of the devices, from the still supported iOS 7 devices like the iPhone 4S (960x640), to the devices that had the biggest resolutions, what should be my window/layout size to begin with?

    Thanks in advance!


  • This could help you : ... reen-sizes

    In my own case, I ended up having to choose a layout size and make sure that important elements (sprites, text, not background) were centered enough and a bit far from the edges, to make sure they'd show well on any resolution. In one case I programmed the game to adjust an image's size depending on the device used (the player tells which device he has when the game starts).

    You can also play around with the Anchor behaviour, but the more you add elements that you want to keep on-screen, the harder it gets :

    In the end, if your question is what aspect ration (width/height) you should choose, my answer would be to choose an average one (say, the average between the most rectangular and the most square screens you're expecting your game to be played on).

    Still, I'm new at designing games for mobile devices too, so this is only what I'd do.

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  • It's usually better to take care of the screen sizing automatically rather than ask the player. You can run a few checks to determine the device and screen size.

    This may be of some interest to g3xas

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  • Thank you guys for replying!

    BinaryPanda the video you sent seems to be really useful. I'm going to try that out. Thanks!

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