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  • Hi

    I've been playing Super Princess Peach lately and I noticed it's got a pretty nice approach to scrolling so I've been trying to replicate it in construct 2.

    As far as I can tell the way it works is this: The the camera is always centered on the player horizontally but not vertically. Instead the camera only moves up or down when Peach comes close to the top or bottom of the screen. This means there is a lot less up and down motion when jumping around a large area than if the camera was just always centered on peach.

    Anyway I've sort of replicated the scrolling but the problem is that it can can be jerky so I was wondering if anyone would be able to take a look at what I've got and offer an suggestions for how I could eliminate the problem or if your aware of a better way to do it.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Click here for the capx

  • I downloaded and tried your example. Not seeing the problem, I watch some levels of princess peach to understand, and played around it a little.

    What I tried is removing the "is jumping" condition, and use smaller margins top and bottom (in the events 8 and 9) to move the camera at the last possible time, to prevent too much scrolling.

    It's hard to tell what they put on top of that in the game though, some small layouts don't scroll at all, but most I've seen seems to be linear, quite horizontal.

    Only small problem I saw was sometime the camera moving then stopping, then moving again... with no deceleration. This can be solved with some lerping in the scroll actions (tutorial)

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  • I would do it Something like this

  • LittleStain beautiful piece of work. I am going to add this to my game, thank you!

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