Super Mario Bros. 2 stlye platforming.

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  • Hello, I am in search of help. I'm trying to make my own game with the physics and controls of Super Mario Bros. 2 (or in the style of Doki Doki Panic, whatever makes sense to you.)

    I downloaded this one capx, but the physics is wrong. I wanted it to be the EXACT same (Or at lease near close to the same style) like the original SMB2.

    As I've mentioned before, I found this one capx, but the physics are too unorthodox for me to edit.

    Anyway, I just want to make a game like SMB2, and I need a lot of help with the capx.

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  • Have a look at Ashley's tutorial : how to make a platform game. It's not complete yet, but gives basis as how to make platformers in C2 and then have a basis to tweak to your likings.

    You can also browse in the how do I FAQ sections "Sidescroller/Platformer genre" and "Platformer behavior".

    With all the elements listed there you have everything you should need to setup and tweak your platformer to your liking.

    You may not find a "key in hand" copycat of SMB2, but you can learn enough on how to make a platformer to make your very own platformer/clone.

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