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  • Hi, i need make condition and event to delete save state using scirra Save i Load system

    but this action is missing, any ideas how do i clear saved state using events only?

  • I don't believe there is a way to do this.

    You can overwrite a save though.

    Any specific reason you need to delete a specific save state?

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  • oosyrag for example when you start game automatically system wil load last state 'mysave' action

    but when 'mysave' dotn exist go to game layout.

    When you quit game/go to menu save state to 'my save'

    now when you quit in wrong moment you can only start game with last state and in menu player dont have posibility to clear state

    I dont have posibility to clear state in events

  • Sorry, still not sure I understand why you need to clear it...

    Regardless, there is no way to delete a save state with the system save action.

    An alternative is to use local storage to manually save and load data, and you can clear those as you wish.

  • hey while the topic is hot How in the world do i delete the save state in teh first place Im testing out the save function and now its stuck with the saved stuff and i cant resave to see the changes or know where in the event that I need to change

  • +1 I can't ship a game with a saved state, I could change the name of the save slot, but the old data from the other slot(s) is still there

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