Sucking in and Enemy and Spitting them back out.

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  • I have been pouring over the forums and even the "How do I FAQS" (and thanks making those they are all super helpful!) and I haven't been able to find an answer to this. So I do apologize if this topic has come up before.

    I wanted to find out how to create the events and behaviors for a character like Yoshi or Kirby from the old SNES games. The main character sucks in enemy with air or tongue and then that character can be shot back out with each bad guy enemy having different attributes. If you suck in a red turtle shell you spit out fire. If you suck in a blue turtle shell it makes you fly if you suck a yellow turtle shell it gives super speed for examples of different behaviors. And I wanted to be able to aim the turtle shells (or enemies) so you can shoot them back out at angle and bouncing off walls a la Yoshi's Island. I'm still new to this and creating projects to help practice and refine things but I am not a big coder, so I figure it would be easier to ask on here for the help. You guys have done such a good job of clearing up and showing examples so I wanted to ask for assistance.

    Thank in advance!

  • A basic version of such a mechanic could be implemented by simply giving enemies an instance variable that holds a descriptive function name. Like "firebreath" for example.

    Now when the enemy is sucked in and destroyed, a variable of the player sprite is set to "firebreath".

    And finally you have your action/attack event or whatever call a function with the name of that player variable. Which in this case is "firebreath" of course.

    This way you have a nice workflow and can simply create the appropriately named functions and have them do the stuff that needs to be done. :)

  • First you will have to set up an event with the conditions for when an enemy can be sucked.


    keyboard on space down

    system compare two values : distance(player.x,player.y,enemy.x,enemy.y) <= 200

    then you should make the sucking action:

    enemy set position :

    x = lerp(enemy.x,player.x,dt)

    y = lerp(enemy.y,player.y,dt)

    Then you should have an event on enemy colliding with player.

    To make sure the player is sucking you should create an boolean instance variable IsSucking.

    keyboard on space pressed: player set variable IsSucking to true

    keyboard on space released: player set variable IsSucking to false

    enemy on collision with player

    player variable Issucking is true :

    • enemy destroy

    etcetera... (being what PixelRebirth said)

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  • Hi ceeBat,

    You can give each enemy an instance variable "type"! Then each time you destroy an enemy you can compare type, and if type = fire -> set attack to fireball (or ice, lightning, etc)!

    If you search the manual for variables, it should help you!

    Good luck with it :)

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