How do I successfully run a (big?) game on Xbox One?

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  • I'm using the Xbox Device Portal to try to run my app package on my Xbox One, but it's just a black screen that seems to give up after about a minute. The Performance 'Running app memory' area seems to be maxed out at 2.3GB, and if it matters it mentions a 'Commit size: 2.1 MB'. If it's a memory issue stopping the game from even getting to the loading logo, can you give me more info on what to focus on changing? The app package is 457MB. What is the app trying to load all at the start that could be causing the issue? Does it consider all files in the project all at the same time? Compared to professional games worth many GBs, my 0.5GB game doesn't sound like too much for an Xbox One to handle. What's my likely first step(s) to take to decrease the memory requirement pre-loading so that the game runs on Xbox One? (For example, are images over 2058px not allowed even on Xbox One?) Or is the issue caused by something else?


    I did it! Hopefully I won't have any major problems from here on out, but this is what I did, in case it helps anyone else in the future: I set the largest PNGs in the project to be PNG-8 instead of PNG-32, as that seems to be the quickest way to cut the overall file size, which brought the package down from 457MB to 304MB, and, just in case it matters, I ensured that no single layout piled on too many large images, such as a layout I had for Spriter scmls, and an Objects layout I had for objects that I needed to have exist at least somewhere in the project, instead spreading those images/objects out amongst a few layouts, which brought the 'memory use' stated in C2 down from over 1GB to 700MB. But I'm guessing that the PNG-8 thing might've been the only important change. The main issue I notice is that all characters with the platform behavior move like they're on the moon, compared to testing on PC, moving slower, and almost floating when jumping. I'm guessing that less special effects around and/or smaller images in terms of pixels would speed it up.

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