How do I Successfully create peer?

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  • I have been using the multiplayer plugin for months now and learning EVERYTHING I can about syncing peers, host signaling, object syncing, everything. Read the manual, did the tuts, created a server test on the store, etc.

    I have an issue.

    -Sometimes, when signaling joined server on peer(i.e. multiplayer X host),

    -the chat log says the peer joins

    -the peerlist is updated with the id, but no peer is available on the peer window.

    -0 amount of peers(including host is gone).

    -So the peerlist even ONLY LISTS the peerID.

    NOTE: This happens randomly but more often than not. Sometimes the peer can join, and EVERYTHING works perfectly. That is why I am confused. When it works its supposed to work I assumed.....

    I know the flow of multiplayer very well now also. I see no issue other than server error.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Ill post photos and video link asap. Just wanted to create the post real quick while I can in the stormy weather.

    third pic is a successful connection

    fourth pic shows the error in the connection

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