How do I submit / store a variable?

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  • Hello!

    I teach Computing and this semester we worked on building a reaction tester. The goal is to invite students , and teachers, during lunch and find the quickest student and teacher

    Not everyone was able to complete the project, but everyone learnt something. I'm planning now to hand out a template that students can use to add their own sprites.

    I've attached the project file.

    What I would like to know / implement, is some form of submission of final test result.

    Basically when the average reaction time after the three tests is calculated, I would like to save the result somewhere. Could be in the cloud or local, doesn't matter too much. If possible, I'd like to extend the program so that at the beginning users have to enter some information such as student or teacher and year level. So that later we can do some data analysis, create some histograms, box-plots. A way to save into an Excel or Google document would be awesome.

    The event sheet is pretty straight forward. I use a single sprite with 4 frames to switch between modes. It has cheat detection built in, you will get a red screen when you "jump the gun" and the game reloads shortly after.

    Please help!


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  • See manual on Webstorage:

    and here is a link to a tutorial on how to use it: ... nformation

    If you need cloud storage, i would like to point you to our excellent plugin for ... /parse-fe/

  • That seems easy enough, but I would like to store ongoing data. Like a logger. Every time a valid test results is obtained, it is stored. Ideally with a user name. But it seems this isn't as easy as I thought...

    And of course be able to later view and analyse it somehow.


    I might have found a solution.

    I'm using the NodeWebkit object, which has an Append action. This seems to be working well

    I'll have to open it in a better text editor than notepad, but it's easy enough to copy. Might just use , to separate the data.

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