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  • Dear Senior Construct 2 Programmers,

    For the last week I have been trying to set up a wordpress based site with a few simple C2 games.

    I have found out that most wordpress themes seem to cooperate with MyArcadePlugin, which has really cool features. The plugin allows to upload games wrapped around iframes or add it through server URL. The whole infrastructure is out there to be used and managed.

    There are even features like “display scores from published ganes”, “leaderboards”, some other stuff related to gathering game data, contests creators etc.

    The only problem is that a C2 game has to be able to submit scores for example via GamerSafeData Bridge, which appears to be only for flash games and seems utterly incompatible with C2. However there are two other ways of submitting scores via PHPBB or IBPArcade Scores, which are also supported by MyArcade Plugin. I don’t know much about any of these. However PHPBB seems to be all in PHP and for all I know PHP can be compatible with C2, which sounds quite promising.

    The reason I am writing this is to ask for the feedback on your experience. Has anyone tried these paths to submit scores via either PHPBB or IBPArcade to MyArcade Plugin and finally to wordpress theme ? What are your thoughts? Is it doable? have you got any suggestions, reflections on the subject matter? Any directions to point? Could you share working examples with C2 games implemented with the above mentioned technologies on condition that you may have any?

    DO enlighten me please : )

    Any contribution greately appreciated!

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  • Did you ever get a response to this? Did you ever figure it out? I would like to use myarcadeplugin, but how will it work with keeping scores made in construct?

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