How do I submit the cocoonjs file to app store

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  • Hi, i can't find a tutorial or a post on how (step by step) submit the zip file from cocoojs to the app store. I'm getting this error message...

    I've never submitted a app before so i don't know if i'm messing with the apple process or missing something from cocoonjs.

    Txs a lot

  • You don't submit a zip file to the app store, you submit an apk file... there are quite a few tutorials on it. Look for Cocoonjs + Android, or just the tutorial on creating games for android. The site search feature is your friend...

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  • I want to submit it to the apple app store... i'm good for the google store

    I know i'm missing a step to include my certificate into the game file but i can't find a tutorial for this.

    I've found this tutorial but it's for phone gap ... per/page-1

  • To submit for the app store you need to follow the tutorial on the Ludei site on using the XCode project that is in the zip file. You need to have a Mac with Xcode in order to put games in the app store.

  • ok thank a lot, i'll go read this tutorial.

  • What you get from cocoonjs is the xcode project.

    First you need to create the app in the member-center -> certificated & identities -> ios app -> identifiers.

    Add your game and the corresponding bundle name ( ...).

    Next up create a distribution profile for your app -> certificates -> add -> choose appstore or adhoc.

    Go to iTunes Connect and setup your App Record by adding a new App.

    Once you got that open up xcode.

    Adjust the Build-Setting to your need and add neccesary asset files (icons, startup image).

    Go to Product -> Archive. Then validate and then publish to appstore (something like that).

    done. Wait for the review ;o)

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