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  • Dear Knowledgeable Construct 2 Programmer,

    How Can I Style a Scrollbar of a ListBox Object?

    The ListBox object does allow css to be passed in. I do not know what i should type in to style the scrollbar though.

    I have tried to do that by using “set css style” and I typed in the following:

    Set scrollbar-face-color to #000000;

    Set scrollbar-shadow-color to #2D2C4D;

    Set scrollbar-highlight-color to #7D7E94;

    Set scrollbar-3dlight-color to #7D7E94;

    Set scrollbar-darkshadow-color to #2D2C4D;

    Set scrollbar-track-color to #7D7E94;

    Set scrollbar-arrow-color to #C1C1D1;

    None of the above seem to work.

    Please note that I have successfully managed to centre the list box items and I changed their font as well. However I cannot do anything to the scrollbar, which looks so dull…

    My second part of question is the following: how can I hide it if I ever need to?

    Would all the styles be preserved if I export my game to mobile?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Thank you for your reply,

    I had read that article rather carefully before i posted my question. There is no answer regarding styling the scrollbar. I either miss some detail or you had not read my question carefully enough. Thank you for your contribution anyway.

    If i do miss something important in that article, specify the detail that might push me forward. Otherwise read my question again and have a second shot at helping. I strongly encourage you to do so!

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  • where use the list? it is so important ? you can use other method.. i told you cause with all my experience with listbox i find it this method useless.. i dont know what you have in your mind but feel free to tell us what exactly you need meaby we find you other method

  • Thank you for coming back to me, i really appreciate it!

    What i have built is the following:

    0. I have a textbox where a user types in words (strings).Please note, I never know how many strings the user types in.

    1. the strings are added both to an array and i give the user a chance to see what they have already typed in. This is where i use the ListBox to display the list of strings. This choice came to me naturally, because there is a scrollbar built in, which makes it easy to browse (it is a pity there is no horizontal scrollbar, but i can live with it by extending the list wide enough so that 99% of words fit in), but the problem is i detest the way the vertical scrollbar looks like. I do need it though in case the list is too big, then scrolling is essential to browse the content.

    2. the user also has a chance to remove something from the array, which they see in the ListBox.

    3. then my game begins.

    Therefore i need something that displays my array as a list with easy add/remove method, just to clarify I use only a 1d array. I have everything working the way i want to, expect i cannot tolerate how crude the scrollbar looks. Styling the list items is fine, i cannot do anything to that scrollbar though.

    I am open to alternative suggestions. However, the only thing i need is to style that "bloody" scrollbar. If something is not completely clear for any possible reason, i can post my capx shortly as i am now crushing out.

    Looking forward to your reply!

  • you can send capx. use link here

  • Try using this editor to create a css config table, then use the technique the tutorial in my signature to set it (using a text object). I can't try it now but i think this should work for you.

  • Thank you for showing me a direction. It seems like a way up through the "rectum" up to the stomach instead of the easy way. I am glad there is a solution though.

    BTW, if you want to see what i have been up to, take a look and perhaps do contribute to my new post closely related to the above one. Unfortunately, i have encountered a much more complicated problem than just styling :/

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