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  • ok, so i have a couple questions which i could probably find on the web with enough research, but i only have internet at least 20 minutes a day so a couple questions.

    (btw) im making a rpg

    1. how do i make rain/snow in a way that works well with the top down layout do i make dialog and also make characters follow a certain path

    3. how do i take away control from player during a part where i want it to walk and talk and then give it back at a certain point

    4. inventory and money system

    5. this one is hard to explain, like say if a character has a certain item he can open door that he can't without

    6. change dialog so when i come back after a mission it changes

    7.houses/buildings do i have to make a new layout for each building or is there another way? also for common houses can i make them go to the same layout that way i only need one but randomize the furniture or say if they walk thru door of house 2 it shows hidden furniture and hides old one and makes it not solid?

    that's pretty much it for now, i can't watch videos most of the time and i don't want anybodys .capx files i just want an explanation please, and hopefully this will help others having this all in one place, also im in need of a good map maker for like the actual city not a map of it like a background maker, something automatic please i suck at art please and thank you! also to make this easier can you put the number of which one you are answering before you do that would help a lot

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  • Hey!

    For Number 1: Make a new game and select the "Ghost Shooter (Rain Demo)" example from list.

    There's a great "Rain-Effect" with thunder and sounds and puddles and everything you will need

  • Rain demo

  • Demo Path

  • spellteeen search forum and you will find all your answers

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